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A Conversation w/ Naomi Ko of ‘Dear White People’

For the third podcast of Gazillion Voices Radio*, Kevin Haebeom Vollmers talks with Naomi Ko 



How can adoptees criticize adoption without throwing family members under the bus? How is it possible for parents to believe in an industry that claims to help children, but on closer inspection, actu >>


Exclusive: ‘Resilience’ Bonus Videos

For the first time, three bonus videos from Tammy Chu's award winning film Resilience are available for streaming here at Gazillion Voices. The videos include conversations with: birth parents; Brent Beesley's adoptive parents; Dr. Richard Boas, the founder of the Korean Unwed Mothers Support Network (KUMSN); a young expectant mother; and Sang-soon Han, director of Aeranwon. Additionally, Gazillion Voices readers can now purchase Resilience for $12.50 (50% discount) by clicking here.  Many thanks to Tammy and Jessica Windt for allowing us to run the bonus videos, which reflect the p >>