A Conversation With Ann Fessler

In this conversation, Kevin Haebeom Vollmers interviews Ann Fessler. Ann is a faculty member at the Rhode Island School of Design, author of The Girls Who Went Away: The Hidden History of Women Who Surrendered Children for Adoption in the Decades Before Roe v. Wade, and she is the filmmaker behind A Girl Like Her.


Some of the questions asked:

– How did you become interested in adoption as a subject, in particular women who surrendered their children during the Baby Scoop Era?

– Why do you think it’s important, especially for adoptees, to know this part of U.S. history? Broadly speaking, why is it important for all to know this history?

– What are your thoughts on adoption attorneys?

Ann also makes a major announcement about A Girl Like Her in relation to South Korea.


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  • Mary Coyle says:

    This was an awesome interview. I learned a lot. Every year I go to the Barker Conference here in MD. This past year they featured more bio dads on the panel. It was a very interesting panel in that one bio dad actually lived with the adoptive family and the bio dad’s son. It was quite a touching narrative and he was very brave to come back. He had originally been on this same panel the year before.

    I am going to read Ann’s book AND see if I can get a copy of her film.

    Well done, Kevin.

  • David Amarel says:

    Wow, Kevin, what an awesome interview! I’m really glad I heard this! (And it’s an excellent way to receive some enrichment while I’m doing mundane paperwork, to boot!) I’m inspired to follow Ann’s work; and I’m particularly struck by what she had to say about first dads toward the very end of the podcast. We tried to scratch the surface of this topic at KAAN this year. It’s so important: particularly for these men – and for adoptees & adoptive dads!

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