A Conversation With Deborah Jiang Stein, Ho Nguyen & Linda Hawj

In this three-part podcast, three amazing women share thoughts about their work, activism, and aspirations. Many thanks to Deborah Jiang Stein, Ho Nguyen, and Linda Hawj, as well as guest contributors Brie Morris and Andrea Wood.

Deborah Jiang Stein

Deborah Jiang Stein is a writer and public speaker from the melting pot trenches of multiracial America. Born in a federal prison, heroin-exposed, she now leverages her unique background to reach others with her message of resilience and possibility. She advocates for personal transformation and believes in the power of every person’s story.

Check out Deborah’s new book Prison Baby: A Memoir, which is garnering rave reviews.

Deborah’s conversation with Kevin Haebeom Vollmers


Ho Nguyen

Ho Nguyen is the Grassroots Advocacy Coordinator with Pro-Choice Resources based out of Minneapolis, Minn., implementing an advocacy program that educates and mobilizes citizens on policies that affect Medicaid funding of abortion care. She has been actively engaged in anti-racist work and social justice strategies for over a decade. Her background is in housing, homelessness, and poverty, working to ensure that all people and families had access to safe and affordable housing.

During her formative years as an undergraduate at Hamline University, she was presented with awards recognizing her work in racial justice activism as well as her leadership within her student body. She went on to receive an award recognizing her work in community organizing, working closely with communities of color and low-income communities on tenant and housing rights.

She is a queer, cisgender, first generation Vietnamese American and a daughter to refugee parents. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Public Policy and Leadership from the University of St. Thomas. She believes in raising social consciousness in herself and others through dialogue and self-reflection. She knows that in order to create systematic changes, we must also dismantle the prevailing narratives that coexist with it.

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Ho’s conversation with Brie Morris


Linda Hawj

Linda Hawj (English pronunciation: Her) is a co-founder of MidWest Solidarity Movement and an artist, activist, organizer, and trainer. She advocates and organizes for gender, racial, reproductive, immigrant and refugee, and Hmong trans* and queer justice. Linda pairs her art forms and humanitarian work for social change to evoke dialogue and to organize and train on political and social justice.

In 2012, she was the St. Paul Field Organizer for President Obama’s Grassroots Re-election Campaign, and she organized the Asian Americans for Obama to defeat the Marriage Amendment and Voter ID.

Linda is currently pursuing an Individualized BA Degree at Metropolitan State University. Her concentration will be in Arts, Activism, and Organizing with a focus on the Minnesotan Asian American Community. She is also conducting research with activist/organizer colleague Chong Vang on the formation of Hmong American Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) identities through the lens of migration and immigration, acculturation, and capitalism. The research is to find and articulate the consciousness of Hmong American LGBTQ sexuality, and how Hmong LGBTQ sexuality is conditioned by 40 years of gender inequity and privilege through the dominant Hmong American and Western culture.

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Linda’s conversation with Andrea Wood