Angela and Bryan Tucker of Closure

When I was preparing to meet up with Bryan and Angela Tucker, I had no idea I’d have two models on my hands. As luck would have it though, the pair showed up impeccably dressed in stylish summer wear that blended perfectly with our backdrop of choice: the Lake Union waterfront near Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI). Many of you might be flipping through these photos in disbelief at the blue skies and shining sun, but here’s a secret: Seattle summers are among the very best. Visit the Emerald City between July and September, and you’ll have picture-perfect summer conditions without extreme heat or humidity. Back to Angela and Bryan.

This dynamic duo met in college while attending Seattle Pacific University and were married a couple of years ago. Gazillion Voices got wind of them thanks to Closure, a documentary Bryan made about Angela’s experiences as a transracial adoptee and her recent quest to find her birth family in Tennessee. The story itself is quite incredible. In summary, Angela is an African American with seven other adopted siblings who were raised by a Caucasian couple in the northern Washington town of Bellingham. The film focuses on the two years Angela recently spent searching for her birth family. It includes some life-defining moments, such as finding her birth mother only to be rejected by her, finding out her birth father never knew about her, and reuniting with her birth mother a year after they first met.

Knowing all of this before meeting Angela, I was already struck with respect for her tenacity, determination and strength to not only go through such a series of events but have the courage to document her journey and share it with others. Unfortunately, I have not had the honor of viewing her and Bryan’s film yet, but the trailer is a telling piece of the story that makes you hunger for more (and may even bring some tears to your eyes).

Fortunately, Closure recently received a hefty amount of funding via Kickstarter and has now been fully completed and submitted to film festivals around the world. It is also being screened at select movie theaters on a limited basis.

~ Suzi Pratt