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I’m lost.

Well, not lost really, but disjointed.

Tragedy can do that.

It can take you and throw you against a wall so hard and with such force that when you come to, you are not aware of which direction you’re facing or which direction is up. And, the disorientation continues. So, really, you try to scramble for anything that feels familiar, safe, like home.

I’m trying to scramble now and realized the level of my disorientation only when Kevin asked for the article and I hadn’t produced one. I’ve re-written it several times and am still unable to produce it.

Because I’ve changed. The event described below has changed me so much, leveled me to my core, gutted me, and left me trying to find solace in an unconsoling world.

This is what happened:

On November 17, Rick’s office organized a fundraiser for the Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) in honor of Riley, who was still at Children’s Hospital awaiting a liver. It was held at a local bar known for its support of local musicians and setup had been accomplished by a professional group of event production specialists who work on a national level — their time, materials, and people all donated. Over three hundred people in our community attended, many of them friends, colleagues, clients, and people we have met; some were strangers who wanted to introduce themselves, as transplant survivors, as supporters. The fundraiser had raised over $20,000 that will be held in an account at COTA set up for Riley to help offset the $75,000 transplant associated expenses NOT covered by insurance by the time Riley is eighteen.

But being there was bittersweet. While we were celebrating in a festive atmosphere surrounded by lights, gifts, food, music and friendship, Riley was laying in a hospital

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  • Susan Harnesssays: February 13, 2014 at 4:46 pmAn addendum:Riley Scott Harness, aged 1, passed away December 13, 2013. The liver he waited for never arrived. Although he’d received offers, these offers were adult livers, or the livers of older children, livers that had to be cut down in order to fit into his small body. What Riley needed was a pediatric liver. Although he was on top of the national liver transplant list, none were available.Please, consider being an organ donor. Please consider donating the organs of your loved ones if tragedy arrives. Donation is one of the most important gifts you can give to someone in need.My son and daughter-in-law provided a quote in Riley’s Memorial Service program from the movie “The Lorax”:“Only if someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better…its not.”In loving memory of Riley,Susan HarnessLog in to Reply