Mission & History


To create a platform for adoptees and their allies to bring topics important to the adoption community to life through rich, compelling, and thought-provoking content that will be accessible to the broader community and will ultimately reframe and reshape the conversation about adoption.


Awhile back, Korean adoptee Kevin Haebeom Vollmers started Land of Gazillion Adoptees (LGA), a multimedia company premised on a simple, yet ambitious idea – it’s the adoptees’ time to lead the adoption community. LGA started at the grassroots level as a small blog. Soon thereafter, LGA expanded into other areas. It co-published the anthology Parenting As Adoptees, put into motion plans for five additional books, created the website Watch Adoptee Films to stream adoptee-centric films, and coordinated from the ground up successful micro-fundraisers.

The LGA blog quickly became one of the most read and influential online spaces for adoption by becoming a place to highlight the expertise and experiences of adoptees and their allies: a “go-to” partner to those in the adoption community who wish to quickly and widely disseminate information; a space for serious, in-depth discussions about adoption practice, ethics, policy, legislation, and research; and a “tool” to question and hold accountable the traditional adoption narrative and those who adhere to it.

Gazillion Voices Online Magazine

The LGA blog was always meant to transition into something else. Kevin took a look at how much the blog was flourishing. More importantly, he took a close look at the impact of the topics and issues important to the adoption community had on the mainstream, but at the same time how misunderstood adoption was by the general public. So, with the encouragement of adoptees, adoptive parents, first/birth parents, friends, and family, Kevin assembled a talented team to launch a subscription-based, monthly online magazine to up the ante by bringing the voices of critically thinking members of the adoption network, especially adoptees, into the broader community.

Gazillion Voices is that magazine, and all of us involved with GV look forward to offering robust content on a monthly basis.