Onsego Review – Choosing GED Prep

My name is Hannah, and I used Onsego to pass my GED test; here is the review that I approve because I have first-hand experience in passing the GED with Onsego prep classes. Onsego is the easiest program available! They say everyone can pass the GED, and it’s TRUE.

Many adoptees face problems in their high school years. Puberty is often the time they start asking questions about their origins, and consequently, many of them, later on, need to get their GEDs. I was recently asked for a recommendation for a GED course, so I went on a shopping spree. I learned about several GED programs, but so far, the best is Onsego GED prep.

It’s effective, it’s designed with simplicity, and it’s for adults (not some stupid cartoon). Here are the details.

The design of the course.

Let’s start with general information about the GED® test. After passing the GED test (actually four independent tests), you receive a credential that takes the place of a high school diploma. It is the equivalent of earning your high school diploma.

You can take the GED online or at a state-certified test center, and you may very well take an online course to help you pass the GED. Taking a good GED preparation course can help you pass the test in one try. This will save you a tremendous amount of time, money, and stress.

Additionally, taking an online GED prep course means you can study during your free time instead of taking time off from work while commuting or trying to retain information when you’re tired. You can learn and study when it suits you best.

I checked 5 different courses, and without any doubt, Onsego is the best. The price is friendly at $99 for 12 months. Onsego was named Covcel before, but, as you will understand, they changed the name due to Covid associations…

No DriveTime!

Driving back and forth to work is enough. Who wants to add driving to school too? And all that driving is expensive and time-consuming. It adds up to fuel expenses and the wear and tear on your car. When you invest in online education, you don’t have to drive anywhere to learn. You can learn from your kitchen table or couch. Just ask my husband what I think about that!

Price: Free v. Paid

Free GED courses are widely available, but if you really want to pass the GED test, sooner or later, you will need to get a full GED course which means a paid course. There are many pricing models, from one-time payments, yearly payments, or monthly.

Content: All in Once v. Scheduled

In my research, I found 2 types of GED courses: where all content is available to students immediately after registration, and there are courses that give students access to limited materials, and the rest of the content is realized after some time or when you pass some quiz.

For example, you will get access to five lessons when you sign up for the course and another five after a week, and so on. Initially, I found myself resisting writing about this topic. Many Korean adoptees face enough problems, both mentally and physically. The truth is that so many benefited from being adopted but face emotional hardships.

Many of them feel that the victim is reluctant to admit that getting adopted also may have advantages, but here, I want to center on educational options such as earning a high school equivalency diploma. Let’s see what I discovered.

My research:

So after checking several courses, Covcel/Onsego is the best, no doubt.

You have access to all the lessons at once, so you can speed-run the course and watch everything at once. Nobody is trying to control you and tell you what you need to do.

I like the fact that at Onsego, they explain which lessons are the most important, and if your study time is limited, you can focus on these lessons, and even if you have all the time in the world, you should prioritize these lessons.

I have seen talking head courses when a teacher stands in front of a blackboard and explains stuff, a course with cartoon characters (and racial profiling), and there is the Onsego course that features high-quality videos with a lot of pictures and great narration.

Lessons and Practice Tests

Onsego has a lot of short videos that focus on just one small problem, and after each video, there is a short quiz. There are tons of these videos and quizzes. You can always come back and watch them again. I really like that.


As a part of my research, I sent questions to the support team, and all answers came pretty fast, usually within 24 hours. Onsego, again, responds in a friendly tone and with compassion.

You may also want to read Fang Lee’s story as she takes a look at the other side of a lot of things and problems at school, the ultimate symbol of fall! Most of her friends completed their common high school curriculum, but she earned her GED in California.